Friday, December 7, 2018

Happy You're Ours Day, Stivali!

Yesterday marked eight years since I arrived on the scene and met Stray Cat and my mamma. 

I like to rest a lot.

If you never read my story, Dear Readers, you can here: Stivali's Story
My best Taylor Swift pose: "Girl at home"!
I am very grateful that mamma decided to keep me. I know I am not the most affectionate cat she has cared for, but I do love her very much and appreciate all the food, treats, warm blankets, and affection she gives to me. 💘💘

This December, tell your loved ones you love them. Give with a grateful heart that you are able. Provide for those who need you (if you are looking for a charity, we highly recommend giving warmth to homeless pets at St Hubert's, Tabby's Place, and North Shore Animal League - and if you don't have a pet to honor in your contribution, please consider honoring our beloved Stray Cat. Thank you!). 

Stay Warm,

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bye Bye November!

Hello Dear Readers,
I am settling in to the winter darkness - where the days are short, and my stomach gets bigger.
It is easier living in the Northeast than down south where I was born.
While living in Florida, I always had to be in tip-top shape - not because I am vain. It was so hot, I did not want all that extra fluff.
Now, it is needed - it helps keep me warm.
Ma keeps the house a little on the chilly side, and I think I know why. She thinks I am more inclined to snuggle at night with her, and she is on Cloud 9 with the sweet quality time.

Don't tell her, but I don't need the house so chilly just to snuggle up with her.

Our secrets are safe here,

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Imitating is My New Job! :)

Tell me this is not purrfect.
I think even Miley Cyrus would agree.

This thanksgiving week, I am thankful for you, Dear Readers, and I am thankful for my mamma, my big brother Stray Cat, food, bed, my home, and all of my toys. I am also thankful for my aunts and nonno who try to love me (but I hiss or hide) and my sweet nonna who comes to feed me and visit with me while my ma is out for too long. I have a lot to be thankful for. Including my new job, that I think I am very talented in - imitating beautiful famous people and the poses they do. 

What are you thankful for?

My ma lives her life in a constant state of prayer and gratitude. I want to be just like her. 💗

Purr & Paw, 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Happy November!

Hello Friends, It is getting chilly where we live, and I look for a nice blanket to crawl under each day! I sleep a lot! Winter is coming!

I decided, I could make a living impersonating famous people. Here is my best Madonna imitation. What do you think?

My mamma wento New Orleans and saw this cute cat, she missed me a lot while she was away: 

She also considered purchasing this t-shirt. She missed me a lot, apparently: 

Instead of buying a cat t-shirt there, she decided to design one for her children's book, SuperCat. If you are interested in purchasing her design, it is available through Teespring:
SuperCat Kismet Teespring Link

Thank you, Readers, for your support.  Let me know what you think of my impersonation skills. This may be my new gig. 😺

Purr & Paw,

Sunday, October 28, 2018

National Cat Day!

Did you know October 29 is considered National Cat Day in the United States?
Learn more here: National Cat Day Here are their Top 20 Ways to Celebrate!

Also, mamma found this very cool carrier for future travels with me - it looks pretty awesome. What do you think? Sleepypod

Looks cool, right?

I promised to give you a review of Jackson Galaxy's Obsession Solution, well, mamma's been putting it on me every day for a few weeks now, and I am happy to report that I am snuggling with mamma on the sofa when she is watching television or working, and I have even been sleeping through the night next to her - which is not my normal routine. Is this because of Obsession Solution, or is it just cold in the house? Haha! I am not sure. I also have not been over-grooming my front legs, so my fur is growing back. Is that because of Obsession Solution? Mamma and I would like to think so.

We give Jackson Galaxy four paws up!

Friendly Reminder: Bring your outdoor kitties INSIDE for Halloween Eve and Halloween Night - there are a lot of mean people out there. Keep your kitties safe, and consider keeping them INSIDE at all times, it's better for all of us. <3

Purr & Paw,

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Who is St Francis of Assisi?

A long long long time ago, in my mamma's homeland of Italia, a man named Giovanni was born. I am talking, way longer than the births of Nonno Tony and Nonna Toni - like hundreds of years earlier.  Giovanni was born in Assisi, which is like, 5 - maybe 5 and a half hours away from where my nonni were born. ANYHOW, I digress...

This man, Giovanni, was a charismatic leader of an evangelical movement, he really liked helping the poor, and he had an affinity for animals. It was actually well-known that he would preach to animals. Isn't that adorable? 

If I lived in Italia in the 1100's, I would have liked to hear his sermons for sure! 

I don't have enough time tonight to tell you all about Giovanni's adventures in Assisi, but what I will tell you is that this lovely man's name was changed to Francesco (the same name as my bisnonno (great grandfather's)), and was canonized a saint a mere two years after he died. 

Much later, he became the patron saint of Italia, as well as the patron saint of ecology and animals. His "feast" day is October 04 (mamma's is August 15, if anyone was curious!). It is on this day we celebrate his love for all creations (poor, rich, furry, or human)! 

Because St Francis of Assisi cared for all of the animals, my mamma's church has a beautiful ceremony for animals to honor his feast day. I have been to many of these blessing ceremonies, they are wonderful. This year, the church held the celebration on October 07, and this is the first year I went without my big brother. ☹

The weather was cloudy and kind of muggy.  There were lots of dogs there this year, and mamma kept me in my cage-house. I felt safe, but still a little leery. I was one of three cats - the best looking, mind you. There was an older female, blind, pretty tortoise shell, being held lovingly by her mother. There was a gorgeous tiger striped boy cat, big, inside a duffle bag carrier. We three quietly listened to Father Richard say many beautiful prayers over all of us animals. The dogs were mostly restless, they barked, smelled one another - essentially, dogs - a very noisy bunch. I looked back and forth to my feline companions and felt such pride in our excellent behavior.

It was a very nice celebration. I found solace at church. Father Richard was very sweet to all of us and sprinkled holy water on each of our heads before saying "Bye".  It was a good day. 
The gathering for the Blessing of Animals.

Me, being a good kitty.
Father Richard praying over us.
Don't forget to say a prayer for me and all of the animals (I promise I am praying for all of you!). Thank you!

Purr & Paw,

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Ma's Still Trying to Video Tape Me Talking to Her...

So, my ma and I do this adorable (to us) back and forth where I "meow" after she tells me she loves me. It is a daily occurrence and it is precious.
Every time she tries to record me, I get shy and stop talking back to her.
She almost caught it on video but of course, she hates how high her voice gets when she speaks to me so won't share it here. She is so silly! I know she will keep trying to get me meowing on video so we can share it here.

Anyway, since she hasn't perfected getting me on tape, I decided to share an old video of my big brother being cute. Well, he was always cute. Every. Single. Day.
Being adorable is my job around here.
My ma bought today a bottle of Jackson Galaxy Obsession Solution for me in hopes that it will reduce my anxiety as I started excessively grooming one of my front legs and now have a bald spot. ☹ I will keep you posted if it makes a difference in my behavior. I don't know why I do these things!!

Have a peace filled week, Readers.

Purr & Paw,